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We believe in some principles, but we don't just talk about it.

They are those that inspire and regulate our actions, every day in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and within our company.

These are the guidelines of our Ethical Code DNP Industriale Srl: a model that represents the commitment to adopt behaviors based on maximum integrity, honesty, fairness, loyalty, transparency, correctness and objectivity.

Starting from the respect for the person and from the careful use of internal, environmental and social resources.

With ourselves we are demanding, firm in the constant verification of the application of the Code of Ethics, aware that only by demanding the maximum we can build relationships of trust with our referents who at are the basis of the expected results.

  1. Honesty
  2. Fairness
  3. Respect for the person
  4. Trasparency
  5. Condifentiality

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